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Personal training at Purity is a total approach to Fitness. Pushing you beyond your limits, teaching you how to fuel your body, monitoring your progression and helping you adopt a mindset that will not accept failure…

Lee, Partner at Purity

About Me

Dee, Personal Trainer

I’m Devonne Hannington, one of the coaches and part owners here at purity gym. My passion is to help people change their lives in the simplest way possible so they can be healthy with themselves inside out – It doesn’t have do difficult but often times it seems that way because we don’t believe anyone deserves good health or happiness unless something bad has happened like illness/injury etc., getting fit doesn’t need any more difficulty than what you already put into your day job!
I want everyone around me (including myself)to understand this new concept called “healthy living”

About Me

Lee, Personal Trainer

Lee is one of the Partners here at Purity. He is a Level 3 personal trainer, specialising in strength training. Lee by his own admission, came late to fitness and utilised strength training to achieve his own weight loss and bodybuilding success. 

About Me

Gemma, Personal Trainer

Gemma is a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer and one of the Partners here at Purity Gym. Gemma has a number of years experience helping all sorts of clients to achieve their desired level of fitness, as well as a body they can be proud of. Gemma, like all of us at some point in our lives, has struggled with her own weight. Gemma has demonstrated through the right nutrition, a sustainable workout plan and hard work weight loss needn’t be complicated or daunting.