Personal Training

Why Does Personal Training Work at Purity 

Purity Gym is a dedicated Personal Training Facility, so we are “Personal Trainers Working In Our Own Gym——- Not a gym that happens to have independent personal trainers”.  If you are looking for the best, then Purity is the only establishment to provide and guarantee results.

Elements of Personal Training at Purity

  • Shaping and Toning
  • Strength programming
  • Weight loss programming
  • Health and Fitness Training
  • Group Fitness For Families and Friends.
  • Personal Training for Clients With Health Conditions

As well as your personal training sessions, your package also gives you:-

  • Diet, nutrition, lifestyle support
  • Support and guidance from your training team
  • Unlimited access to the gym between your personal training sessions
  • Full access to Purity’s Exercise Classes (subject to booking and availability)

An example of personal training packages at Purity:-

Classic Client:-

A thirty minute session every week, for Clients who are looking for an effective solution to working with a personal trainer and require motivation, while still maintaining a self disciplined gym and fitness regime .

 Lifestyle Client:-

Our Lifestyle Client plan provides Clients with the opportunity to vary the training, through dialogue with your personal trainer and our coaching team. Receiving a weekly 45 minute session with your trainer.

The Lifestyle Client fully understands that personal accountability and strong self efficacy are the key to long term success.

Progressive Client:-

Our most popular package, for weight loss, strength, along with an increase in specific fitness targets. The Progressive Client is looking for an edge in their health and fitness, but may need the assistance of a professional trainer to maintain the levels of motivation.

Receiving two 1 hour appointments per week, your personal trainer can ensure that you are benefiting from a well balanced training plan. The Progressive plan enables you the flexibility to focus on various elements of your health and fitness in a variety of session programms

(Bespoke packages are also available)

Building muscle–strength  and toning can often be confused with bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding is a sport, and should not be confused with improving strength and building muscle, as this is a process of fitness, there are no short cuts to building shape and muscle. Only time and dedication can produce real results. 

Like weight loss, strength and muscle development includes a combination of applied exercise programming, nutrition, and routine.

  • At Purity our team can help you re-design your training plan, optimizing it to suit your specific strength building goals
  • We assist you in diet management to ensure that you can train at your best, build muscle and burn fat.
  • We will educate you in the importance and benefits of the right style of cardio training that can guarantee results
  • Our gym equipment, combined with our programming expertise provides our Clients  with knowledge needed to create that look, that shape, this applies to both Female and Male Clients.